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Cheat sheet of the most important Excel keyboard shortcuts to be familiar with


Although we include the shortcuts for Apple/Mac on this page, if you plan to work in investment banking or another high finance career, we strongly recommend that you purchase a PC keyboard and use parallels on your Mac to mimic a PC environment since you almost certainly will be using a PC for your work computer.


Most common Excel shortcuts

One of the most common and well-known shortcuts is:

Simple Shortcut Example

Windows Common Shortcuts Mac
Ctrl+C 复制 Cmd+C

This format means that you would press Ctrl (Control, or the button in the corner of your keyboard)ANDC at the same time. The process for a Mac would be slightly different as you would have to press Cmd (Command, or the button next to the spacebar)ANDC at the same time.

For some of the more complicated shortcuts, we will have them listed as:


Windows Multi-Step Shortcuts Mac
Alt+H,A,C Center Cell Contents Across Selection Alt+H,A,C

This means that you would press AltANDH at the same time. Then pressing A followed by C. A '+' means that you would press the key beforeANDafter it at the same time while a ',' means that you press the button after it in sequence.

You may also see some shortcuts or shortcut tasks with a "/" listed between buttons or tasks. This "/" functions as an "OR" and serves to show that either button or task will work depending on the situation.

To buy a copy of Excel or to learn more about this service, check it out这里。如果你have any more FAQs on Excel or Microsoft 365, refer to thisFAQ page

Free Excel Shortcuts Sheet

Looking to be the fastest Excel user? Increase your speed with our free comprehensive Excel shortcut guide to accompany you for the times you wish you had one.

Benefits of Excel quick keys:

One of the biggest advantages of using Excel quick keys instead of the mouse is that they allow you to be fast, productive, and efficient. Ideally, you should try to be proficient enough to use Excel with only a keyboard, and learning these shortcuts is a big step to that end.

It is not uncommon forinvestment banksto rigorously test their incominganalystsandassociateson their Excel abilities. As time is of the essence at these banks, they expect their analysts to become so proficient in Excel that they are able to2ManBetX登陆 using just the keyboard. As the list can be intimidating at first glance, we suggest starting out by only using a few of the shortcuts at first and incorporating more as you get better at these few to gain overall mastery.

Excel Shortcuts

WSO's tip: Finding the shortcut you want

To quickly search the entire article for a shortcut, you can use the search function built into your browser. By pressing "Ctrl + F" (on Windows) or "Cmd + F" (on Mac) you can search the entire article for key search words.

Useful Excel Quick Keys for Windows & Mac

Please note that not every Windows shortcut has a duplicate Mac shortcut to complement it. It is also easier to find more information about shortcuts for Windows than Mac.

如果你have trouble remembering the shortcuts on Mac, you can open the menus at the top of the screen and see the keyboard combinations listed next to the corresponding action. The process is similar for a Windows user, except that the shortcuts are displayed when you leave your mouse cursor hovered over the desired action. This displayed tooltip does not appear for all actions, just the more frequently used ones such as "Ctrl + S".

Below is a reference image for Macs of the shortcut next to its respective action.


Basics & General Shortcuts For Excel Modeling

Listed below is a brief list of some of the most common shortcuts that you will encounter when using Excel. Mastering these will pave the way for your future success as well as an understanding of the more complex and complicated shortcuts. If you find yourself frequenting a shortcut or action multiple times try creating a macro for this task. Creating macros is covered further down in the article.

Basics & General Shortcuts For Excel Modeling
Windows Shortcut Task Mac
Ctrl+S Save Cmd+S
Ctrl+Shift+S Save As Cmd+Shift+S
Ctrl+W Close Window Cmd+W
Ctrl+O Open Cmd+O
Ctrl+N New Cmd+N
Alt+F4 Quit Cmd+Q
Ctrl+A Select All Cmd+A
Ctrl+Z Undo Cmd+Z
Ctrl+Y Redo Cmd+Y
Ctrl+X Cut Cmd+X
Ctrl+V Paste Cmd+V
Ctrl+B Bold Cmd+B
Ctrl+P Print Cmd+P
F2 Edit Active Cell Control+U
F3 Paste Name Fn+F3




Paste Special*The following Paste Special shortcuts will also work with either of the listedWindowsshortcuts, simply replace the first three actions with either version.*




Alt+E,S,V Paste Special Values (No Formatting) Cmd+Option+V,V
Alt+E,S,T Paste Special Formats Cmd+Option+V,T
Alt+E,S,F Paste Special Formulas Cmd+Option+V,F
Alt+E,S,C Paste Special Comments Cmd+Option+V,C
F4 Toggle References Cmd+T
F9 重新计算工作簿 Fn+F9
Ctrl+Shift+: Insert Time Cmd+;
Ctrl+; Insert Date Control+;
Alt+Enter New Line Within Cell Option+Enter
Ctrl+F2 打印预览 Cmd+P
Alt+Tab 下一个打开程序 Cmd+Tab
Shift+F2 Insert or Edit Comment Cmd+Shift+Fn+F2
Shift+F10 Shortcut Menu Shift+Fn+F10
隐藏 /展示色带 Cmd+Option+R

Selection & Navigation Excel Quick Keys

Here are some shortcuts to help you select and navigate large batches of data. Not only can these shortcuts help increase the efficiency of your work, but once you gain an understanding of how to use them they can make simple Excel tasks that much easier.

Selection & Navigation Excel Quick Keys
Windows Shortcut Task Mac
Ctrl+Arrow Jump to Edge Cmd+Arrow
Arrow Move Between Cells Arrow
Alt+I,R 插入行 Cmd+Shift++
Alt+I,C Insert Column Cmd+Shift++
Alt+E,D 删除Row / Column Cmd+-
F5 Go To




Ctrl+F Find Cmd+F
Ctrl+H Find & Replace Control+H
Shift+Tab Switch Workbooks Cmd+`
Shift+F11 Insert Worksheet Shift+Fn+F11
Ctrl+Page Up / Page Down 下一个 /上一个工作表 /选项卡 Option+Left/Right Arrow
Alt+E,L 删除工作表
Alt+O,H,R Rename Worksheet
Alt+O,H,T Recolor Worksheet
Page Up Move Screen Up Fn+Up
Page Down Move Screen Down Fn+Down
Alt+Page Up Move Screen Left Fn+Option+Up
Alt+Page Down Move Screen Right Fn+Option+Down
Ctrl+Tab Next Workbook / Next Divider Cmd+`
Tab Next Cell Tab
Shift+Page Up Extend Selection Up One Screen Shift+Fn+Up
Shift+Page Down Extend Selection Down One Screen Shift+Fn+Down
Alt+Shift+Page Up Extend Selection Left One Screen Option+Shift+Fn+Up
Alt+Shift+Page Down Extend Selection Right One Screen Option+Shift+Fn+Down
Ctrl+Home Go To A1 Fn+Control+Left Arrow
Home Go To Row Beginning Fn+Left Arrow
End Go To Row End
Ctrl+A Select All Used Cells Cmd+A
Ctrl+Spacebar Select Column Control+Fn+Spacebar
Shift+Spacebar Select Row Shift+Spacebar
Shift+Arrow Extend Selection Shift+Arrow
Ctrl+Shift+Home Select To A1 Control+Shift+Fn+Left Arrow
Ctrl+Shift+End Select To End Control+Shift+Fn+Right Arrow
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Select To Last Value Cmd+Shift+Arrow
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Excel Quick Keys For Formatting

Here are some shortcuts to help you format and edit the text of large batches of data. Formatting the text in your data often helps with the legibility and professionalism of the data. Mastering these shortcuts will increase the efficiency of your work and present a cohesive presentation.

Useful Excel Quick Keys For Formatting
Windows Shortcut Task Mac
Ctrl+B Bold Cmd+B
Ctrl+I Italic Cmd+I
Ctrl+U Underline Cmd+U
Ctrl+D Formula Fill Down Cmd+D
Ctrl+R Formula Fill Right Cmd+R
Ctrl+1 Open Formatting Dialogue Cmd+1
Ctrl+Shift+1 自动成摩式编号样式 Control+Shift+1
Ctrl+Shift+2 Autoformat Time Style Control+Shift+2
Ctrl+Shift+3 Autoformat Date Style Control+Shift+3
Ctrl+Shift+4 Autoformat Currency Style Control+Shift+4
Ctrl+Shift+5 Autoformat Percentage Style Control+Shift+5
Alt+H,A,C Center Cell Contents
Ctrl+Shift+7 Outline Cell Cmd+Option+0
Ctrl+Shift+- Remove Cell Border Cmd+Option+-
Alt+O,C,A Autoformat Column Width
Alt+O,R,A Autoformat Row Height
Alt+D,E Text To Columns
Alt+D,F,F Filter Data Option+Down Arrow
Alt+D,S 排序数据 Cmd+Shift+R
Alt+O,D Conditional Formatting
Alt+H+F,G Increase Font Size Cmd+Shift+Arrow
Alt+H+F,K Decrease Font Size Cmd+Shift+Arrow
Alt+H,0 Increase Decimal
Alt+H,9 Decrease Decimal
Alt+H,B Borders Cmd+Option+0
Alt+H,H Fill Colors
Alt+H,6 Increase Indent
Alt+H,5 Decrease Indent

Best Excel Quick Keys For Data Manipulation

Here are some shortcuts to help you manipulate and control large batches of data. These shortcuts will allow you to complete tasks like grouping rows/columns at the press of a few buttons. Once you master these shortcuts you will increase your work output and be able to manipulate your data more efficiently.

Best Excel Quick Keys For Data Manipulation
Windows Shortcut Task Mac
Ctrl+F3 Name Cell Cmd+Fn+F3
Alt+D,G,G Group Rows / Columns Option+Shift+Right Arrow
Alt+D,G,U UNGROUP行 /列 Option+Shift+Left Arrow
Alt+D,G,H 隐藏分组的行 /列




Alt+D,G,S Show Grouped Rows / Columns




Alt+= 自动求和相邻细胞 Cmd+Option+=
Ctrl+` Show Formula / Values Control+`

Advanced Quick Keys In Excel For Tables


Advanced Quick Keys In Excel For Tables
Windows Shortcut Task Mac
Alt+D,P Open Pivot Table Wizard
Alt+D+S Create Data Table

Other Useful Excel Quick Keys

Here are some additional shortcuts to help you complete a wide array of different tasks with your batch of data. Some of these shortcuts allow you to trace dependents, paste special, and clear cell data. Mastering these shortcuts will allow your work to be more efficient and can help you troubleshoot your formulas.

Other Useful Excel Quick Keys
Windows Shortcut Task Mac
Alt+T,U,T Trace Precedents
Alt+T,U,D Trace Dependents
Alt+T,U,A 删除先例 /依赖箭头
Ctrl+[ Highlight Precedents Control+Shift+[
Ctrl+] Highlight Dependents Control+Shift+]
Alt+Shift+` Show Formulas Control+`
Alt+W,F,F Freeze Panes Around Cell
Alt+T,M,R Start / Stop Recording Macro
Alt+T,M,M Show Macros Option+Fn+F8
Alt Ribbon Accelerator Buttons / Drive Menu Bar
Ctrl+F1 Show / Hide Ribbon Cmd+Option+R
F5,Alt+S,O Show All Constants
F5,Alt+S,C Highlight Cell Comments
Ctrl+Shift+A Change Function Name to Function Ctrl+Shift+A
删除 Clear Cell Data 删除
Alt+H,E,F 清除单元格式
Alt+H,E,M Clear Cell Comments
Alt+H,E,A Clear All

Excel keyboard shortcuts for financial modeling

As most of the financial models across the world are currently built on Excel, it is of utmost importance for aspiring financial professionals to learn how to maximize efficiency using these shortcuts.

The faster you get in Excel, the more资产you analyze, the more investment opportunities you uncover, which is what matters the most in the world of finance (along with presentation skills, of course). Models are frequently included as part of investor presentation documents such aspitch booksand investment memos.

A tried and tested method of learning is one where the learner applies the concepts learned to real-life situations. In this case, the best way to learn Excel quick keys would be by actively applying them while working on your own financial models.

To give you a head start on applying these shortcuts, we have provided two free videos from ourFinancial Statements Modeling course。Check out how many shortcuts you can use while learning how to use a model for forecasting financial statements and then keep improving your personal best score. (Two birds, one stone!)

WSO Excel courses

如果你are looking to build on your Excel modeling skills in general, please check out a video from our Excel modeling course. This course is designed to bring you up to speed no matter your level of experience using Excel.

使用年代hortcuts can shave off seconds at a time, which turn to minutes and eventually over the course of a day, hours. And you may wonder, how do I get to become so quick using shortcuts? For starters, stop using the mouse and start using that keyboard! Practice, practice, and PRACTICE!

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