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In this module, we use8 video lessonsto expand upon the best practices in previous modules to learn conditional formatting and custom number formatting (among other topics). This module also includes an用积极的基准测试and a video solution to make sure you keep practicing until you are very productive...

Excel Math Functions (9 video lessons, 1 exercise)

In this module, we use9 video lessons为了解释锚定以及基本和高级数学功能,这些功能将经常出现在工作中。该模块还包括一个带有视频解决方案的练习,因此您可以看到实际投资银行家使用这些in the real world…

Excel Logic & Data Functions (13 video lessons, 1 exercise)

In this module, we use13 video lessonsto dive into some of the more complex and foundational functions used throughout financial modeling. This includes IF and Nested IF statements, ISERROR, Information Functions and more. We wrap up this module with anotherchallenging exercise

Excel Lookup and Financial Functions (8 video lessons, 1 exercise)

In this module, we use8 video lessonsto explore vlookup, hlookup, data validation as well as index and match and when it is best to use each in the context of financial modeling. We wrap up this module with anotherchallenging exercise that tests your retention and speed

Excel Scenarios, Data Tables and Auditing (7 video lessons, 1 exercise)

In this module, we use7个视频课程to explore data tables, naming cells, formula auditing and Scenarios so that you can take your Excel modeling to another level. This module also includes anothertimed benchmarking exercise

Excel Sorting, Filtering and Pivot Tables (7 video lessons, 1 exercise)

In this module, we use7个视频课程to explore sorting, filtering and pivot tables which are used extensively when trying to analyze the various outcomes and input sensitivities in financial models. Learn through doing with anothertimed benchmarking exercise

Excel Navigation (7 video lessons, 1 exercise)

In this module, we use7个视频课程在浏览Excel时解释最佳实践。这包括一个用积极的基准测试还有一个视频解决方案,以确保您在真正掌握之前不会继续前进。

Excel Efficiency Foundation (14 video lessons, 1 exercise)

In this module, we use14 video lessonsto explain best practices on how to gain maximum efficiency when navigating Excel (and Windows) for finance careers. This includes an用积极的基准测试以及一个视频解决方案,以确保您养成财务建模的良好习惯

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WSO Excel建模课程Video Preview

Below you will find some video previews of specific lessons in our Excel Modeling Course. This is to give you a sense of the teaching style of the instructor and covers some of our more basic Excel tips and tricks. All WSO courses include unlimited support from actual finance professionals who are on call to make sure you don't get stuck as you teach yourself how to become an Excel modeling wizard. This course is focused primarily on productivity and building the right habits (like quick keys, anchoring, etc) so that you learn how to play the instrument (Excel) therightway the first time around.

Grid items
Excel shortcuts
Exercise: SumIfs, Anchoring and More


Below you will find a list of the modules and lessons included in this course.

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