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Nov 10, 2021 - 7:11pm

Hey man, I honestly wouldn't worry about it. What's done is done. Your old firm gave you what seems to be a good path to get yourself back on your feet. Since you didn't leave on bad terms, it's hard to imagine that anyone at your old firm would try to actively ruin your career. Take some rest, and start fresh. Congrats on the offer. Hope this time works out better. In a few years, no one will remember what happened except that you delivered stellar returns. Let's go let's go!!!

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Nov 11, 2021 - 2:07am

Don't make a bigger deal out of it than it is. If you got pushed out but kept on, clearly your current firm is supportive of you finding a new role. I would just explain to your managers at your current firm the situation and ask them to give you a good reference as needed.

  • Senior VPinCB
Nov 11, 2021 - 8:35pm

I can empathize with the need for moral support and some of the comments here. But I need to hear more. There's asked to leave (blew a deal) and there's ASKED TO LEAVE (your assistant blew you). Personally, I think it's irresponsible to both seekandgive that support without revealing the whole story. So get your act together and post it or quash the doubt, leave it offWSOand move on with your career.

  • Associate 3inIB-M&A
Nov 11, 2021 - 9:04pm

No one will find out, and honestly if they do you can say it was just garden leave and they'd never be able to prove otherwise. Sounds like your old firm was happy to have you land on your feet, just forget about the situation. More MDs get pushed out like this than you'd realize!

  • VPinIB - Cov
Nov 12, 2021 - 9:26am

I've been in this exact scenario (as part of a RIF). Unfortunately for all of us (but perhaps fortunately for you)., these situations are SUPER common. I was given heads up I would be officially let go by a certain date. I spent the time job hunting. I did NOT find something as fast as you did. You should be very relieved. Take a beat.

  • Research AnalystinHF - Other
Nov 12, 2021 - 9:57am

Bro you are in a great spot. You have an offer and potentially more on the way. Whatever happened at your old place, whatever the situation, it's not a problem. Funds know shit happens and it's a tough industry and people get fired left and right. The fact that your fund allowed you to stay employed on paper to help you recruit is a testament to that fact and how much they care about you coordinating your story and backing you up, helping you move on successfully in your future. As everyone knows. - It's always easier to get a job when you have a job.You're a VP inPE, you've already crossed one of the biggest hurdles of the associate promote .

一旦你在这个行业在这一水平,这是ugh to get pushed out entirely, and it's entirely possible in your career this will happen again, and you'll land on your feet.

除了我的整个基金/袖子关闭外,我也有类似的情况,我的雇主在给我几个月的纸上工作时很好(巨型资产经理),但并没有让我保持更长的时间来寻找下一个扎实的演出。花了一年多的时间才能获得类似能力的新演出。当然,我很挑剔(尤其是对于一个失业者),拒绝了一些工作/优惠,并在此过程中拒绝了一些坚实的过程,因为我没有觉得他们没有达到标准在一年中,其中5倍AUM)。即使在我的情况下,大多数雇主都非常了解,并得到了我的席位以及我在此期间所做的一切的理由。资金的面试官真正吸引了我,这主要是因为我不在座位上 - 我他妈的讨厌这样做的资金。该行业总体上得到了。

Maybe Tiger Global isn't hiring you but who cares.

Nov 12, 2021 - 10:08am

Look - to put it in consideration, then they do the background check, they will ask your dates of employment. IF your employer says (and hopefully you got that in writing) they will vouch that you are employed with them, then there is nothing to hide. All a background check says is "Name, Title, Dates Employed". Don't worry about that one.

This will pass. You'll do fine. The uncertainty is always going to be there. The stress happens. Right now, you need to realize that you have the best "Get out of Jail Free" card in the world and no one will bat an eye that it's in play. You have to step back and look at the big picture here - you're not fired and fighting for unemployment (Saw that happen to a former coworker), you're not laid off under a WARN Notice (been there, done that), you didn't get laid off because your boss wanted to throw you under the bus for their mistake and realized that they couldn't come up with a valid for-cause reason (Again, been there, done that). You are getting let go, with no issues whatsoever, and have their blessing to be employed on paper. That's a dream scenario. I think you're overanalyzing things and need to keep it in perspective. You'll land on your feet and continue to do well. Take the weekend, turn off everything, and enjoy it. Focus on yourself and remember you can only control what you can control, so by worrying about everything else.

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Nov 13, 2021 - 10:49am

Sounds like your old firm really wants to help you get another job so you should be fine.

I guess I am kind of confused about why they are letting you go. Did they give you a reason?

I mean they offered to give you good references, are letting you stay employed on paper and seem to want to help you find a new job. They are being so nice. So why are they firing you?

2021年11月13日-3:01 PM

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